The venue was selected and booked, now, we needed to tell our guests about it. For me, invitations are crucially important. Some people advised me to not go over board, to not think about it too much and to not spend too much money on invitations as they tend to be forgotten. That was not my state of mind at all. I wanted something beautiful, special, intricate for the invitations. You yourself are setting the bar and informing your guests what kind of wedding you are having. They somehow show who you are, what you like, your taste and your personality. The good thing was, I knew exactly what I wanted, the bad news was, it was going to be very tricky to find it.

I started my quest online. I found and inquired with multiple wedding invitations suppliers, some bigger than others. I requested samples (some were free and some, not so free) and none were doing the job. Some companies only offered an A5 piece of card and envelope whereas I was looking for something with laser cut paper that would give them a luxurious feel. Some suppliers wouldn’t even bother to respond and one only offered black font, I mean, really? Some were so ridiculously expensive that I even considered making them myself! I could go on and on but I just could not find the right supplier.

This is where I highly suggest to visit trade shows/wedding fairs. Visit as many as you can and I guarantee you will find at least one thing that you will benefit from. I visited as many as I could, even before we had selected the venue or location. Low and behold, at the last wedding fair I would be visiting, I found my wedding invitation supplier. Dee gave me an amazing first impression. She was super friendly and her stand at The National Wedding Show was the first I had come across that showcased laser cutting. She gave me her details and told her I would be in touch.

I can’t stress how helpful she was. We were constantly in contact, I explained what I wanted and she sent me photo options and samples. Dee let me choose the font, the color of the font, the paper, the inserts, the ribbon, the jewel that would seal the invite (see the photos); she let me customize everything. After a few weeks I put my order in and received my gorgeous invites within DAYS. I was stunned at her professionalism and care. The invitations were stunning. They were exactly what I wanted all along. My husband let me have full reigns of choosing the invitations, however, I highly value his opinion and wanted to make sure he also loved them. Our wedding invitations consisted of a cream floral laser cut card, with rose gold font and an insert for local hotels. All was enclosed with a cream ribbon and a circular pearl brooch…

You are cordially invited ๐Ÿ˜‰



My top tips for choosing the perfect invitations:

Choose your style/colors.ย Make sure you have a clear idea and understanding of what you are going for. There is no point choosing a rustic looking invitation when you are having a super glam wedding. Try and keep everything coordinated: the colors, the theme and the overall look. Remember, this is the first look your guests are getting into your wedding so you want to make good impressions.

Start early.ย It could take months until you find the right supplier for you and someone you feel you connect with. There is no harm in starting to look even before you have chosen your venue. If not, start looking as soon as your date is concrete and you have booked your venue. Weeks and weeks could go by from the moment you start searching to the moment you actually order. Invitations should usually be sent out 6-8 months prior to the wedding.

Visit wedding fairs.ย This is where you will find suppliers all under one roof. You can speak with them directly, ask all the questions and see their work in person.

Ask for samples.ย This is crucial. Ask to have swatches, ribbons, card and examples of font sent to you. Before ordering 100+ invitations, have a sample printed and sent to you. You may find a spelling mistake you accidentally missed, or worse, the wrong date!

Order extra.ย This tip is self explanatory and highly recommend to everyone. We ordered many extra invitations and ended up using all of them! I can guarantee there will be someone that you didn’t think of, a family member you forgot about or even friends you make along the way.

Add an insert.ย Some guests may not be familiar with your venue, its surroundings or the area. As we were having a semi-destination wedding with friends and family flying in, I wanted to make sure I listed hotels and B&B’s that were in close proximity of the venue.

Consider the cost.ย Money and budgets, the thing that no one really likes to touch on, however, when planning a wedding it is essential that you keep track of what you spend. Don’t be afraid to ask for costs, or even if they have a promotion at the time of order.

Sincerely, Stephanie x

Check out: Pretty Little Things by Dee





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