Sales, you either love them or hate them. The lovers are the people that have never WORKED through a sale and the haters, well, no need to say. I find myself to be both a lover and hater. I’ve worked through countless sales from the sweet age of 16, the Christmas sale, summer sale, spring sale, the mid-season sale the why-the-hell-not-lets-go-on-sale sale, retailers are basically on sale throughout the whole year. Whether you are working through it, surviving it, or shopping it, there is something magnificent about it. Nothing is more satisfying than bagging the blouse you’ve been eyeing up, at a fraction of the price. There is of course also, the beauty of the internet. Bagging that same bargain from the comfort of your own home while avoiding the ridiculously long ques and obnoxious shoving is great. If you bravely decide to face the sales this year, then pop on your armor and shield and follow these simple yet effective tips:

Go through your wardrobe. Study thoroughly beforehand and think of what’s currently missing. Do you need more basics? Do you need more jeans? Do you need more evening wear? Office wear? Think of items you could work into your wardrobe and make a list to bring with you.

Targeted approach with an open mind. Another way to go about things is to keep an open mind. You could be looking for one specific item of clothing, not find it in the sale and become even more frustrated. Keep an open mind. Take everything in. Look around the store. You may find little gems you may have never considered before.

Quality over quantity. This is such an easy trap to fall prey to and before you know it, all the little numbers add up and you’ve spent £100+ on crop tops and costume jewelry you will only wear once. Really think before you buy. Don’t buy something just because it has a red sale sticker on the price tag and think to yourself, even if I don’t wear it, at least I didn’t pay full price for it. No no no. That’s money down the drain. I used to be the biggest victim of this mistake. I would buy poor quality clothing in the sale from Missguided, Asos and various high street stores and not wear them because they were either see-through or reflected the price I paid and I would end up giving them away to charity with the price tag still in tact. I am not saying I don’t buy from these stores anymore, I definitely do, I have become more cautious with what I am spending my money on. Invest in better quality fabrics and styles that will see you through the coming seasons and most importantly, items you would actually wear.

Avoid crazy trends. I can tell you with certainty, those tiny glasses you are rocking, won’t look too cute a few years from now. Avoid by all means spending a ridiculous amount of money on super on-trend pieces as they won’t be on-trend in the running season. Opt more for timeless and classic silhouettes in order to get your moneys worth. As mentioned in the previous point, don’t buy things just because it’s in the sale.

Keep an eye on the stores layouts. This is a great insider tip. As I worked for many years in stores on the high street and in luxury, I can say that I can smell the smell of a sale. For example stores like Zara will completely change their store layout a couple of days before the sale starts. All the items will be hung and grouped together according to category. If you see the store looking like this, hold out on buying anything for a few days and go back when the sale actually starts.

Wear appropriate attire. So, if you are feeling brave enough to head to the shops, do it in comfortable clothing. Try to not wear tight clothing, too many layers or uncomfortable shoes that make you break in a sweat at the thought of removing them. Opt for clothes and shoes that you can remove easily should you require a changing room like a loose fitting dress and slides, they’ll slide right off 😉 a good cross body bag or bum bag is also a good choice to free up your hands and get a good rummage.

Sincerely Stephanie x

P.S Some of my favorite sale finds

Red Bardot Dress Now £9.99
Pink Floral Blazer Now £30.00
Striped Midi Dress Now £22.00
Cold Shoulder Top Now £15.00
White Boyfriend Jeans Now £28.00
Strap Mules Now £25.00
Printed Blouse Now £10.00
Striped Blouse Now £29.99
Black Open Back Jumpsuit Now £10.00
Black Clear Strap Bikini (Spotted on Kourtney Kardashian in Capri!) Now £9.00

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