On the 10th March, my boyfriend and I became a family, a unity, bonded by love and perseverance. You are probably thinking, they got married, so why on earth is she wearing a fuchsia suit? Well, let me explain, this was our ‘English’ wedding. We decided to tie the knot here, in this way, for the simple fact that it was a lot easier. As our plan all along was to get married in Italy and being a non Italian citizen would have delayed the process significantly and I would have needed to go digging for my ancestors birth certificates and what not and I purely did not have the time to do such a thing. Therefore, we decided to tie the knot here, in England and also have our ‘real wedding’ in Italy.

We said ‘I do’ at Chelsea Town Hall in London and we were surrounded by our friends and family. They spoiled us with love, joy and warmth. I can’t describe the feeling I felt inside. I can only describe it as the feeling you get when you hit the jackpot. Our dearest friends and my husband’s (couldn’t wait to use that word!) family came over from Italy, my side of the family was present and it was one of the happiest days of my life. I suddenly realized that I now had an amazing husband that I adore, I am now a part of a beautiful family and I have my wonderful family by my side who love me and support me. That day only underlined and highlighted even more the importance of family. I can honestly say that I am truly blessed.

I decided to keep the attire simple and not go overboard as this wasn’t supposed to be a ‘wedding dress’ wedding. We both stayed true to ourselves and our style. A small family gathering followed with canapes and drinks to enjoy one another’s company and ultimately, celebrate this special day.

Our full, big, fat Italian wedding will follow this summer so stay tuned πŸ˜‰

What did you do on your wedding day? What traditions did you stick to and choose to create?

Sincerely Stephanie



  1. Dear Stephanie, our beautiful daughter your wedding filled our heart with an immense joy. We will always be with you and your amazing ‘husband’. Both of you are everything for me and dad. Love you very much πŸ’•


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