Small changes can make a big difference. A tweak in your workout routine, new gym gear or pushing yourself to hold the plank position for 30 seconds longer. Every little thing makes a difference which is why I have started to focus on my essentials for the gym, to stay organised and be practical.

WORKOUT GEAR. My essentials for the gym are of course comfortable but look good and feel good workout clothes. I previously used to go to the gym and workout in my boyfriends old t-shirt and an old pair of joggers and I never felt great. Now, I have invested in a variation of workout clothes that fit snug, tuck you in in all the right places while looking as good as you can in the gym. I made it my mission to grab pieces I could mix and match, colourful tops for when I feel I need a pop of colour in my day and seamless comfortable leggings. Depending on how often you go, it’s important to keep a rotation going for the week. I find it a lot easier to buy the matching top to bottoms, that way, when packing my bag, I already know what goes with what. I also find that if I have invested in new pieces and spent a decent amount of money on them, I will want to get wear out of them, which will push me to actually go. Good psychology. Brands I would recommend are GymsharkLululemonNikeSweaty Betty.

HEADPHONES. I recently invested in a great pair of headphones for the gym. I hated having the wire of my Samsung headphones jiggling all over the place and the buds popping out of my ears every time I picked up speed on the treadmill. I now use the Beats by Dre Powerbeats3 Wireless Sports Earphones and they are a dream. They are super easy to connect to your phone and fit amazingly well with the ear hooks. Featuring 12 hours of battery means they will get you through many workouts and are sweat and water resistant.

PHONE HOLDER. I think this is one of the most important essentials. I purchased my phone holder on Amazon and it was really affordable. It sits like an armband and fits my Samsung Galaxy Edge. WIN. Running armband phone holder

BOTTLE. These are in no particular order, but this is the most important and crucial thing you need at the gym. It is so important to keep hydrated. Your working out, your sweating, your losing water, energy and minerals, the last thing you need is let your body feel deprived. We all know by now how important it is to drink water so I won’t go on, but a bottle for the gym is a must. Nike Clear Water Bottle

GLOVES. Not everyone uses gloves as not everyone does weight training but I love to use them for weights, cross country trainer, throughout my entire workout really. The adjustable wrist strap of my Nike Fundamental gloves allow maximum comfort and support. Say goodbye to sore hands when using weights with metal bars.                       Nike Training Gloves

FACE WIPES. Nothing is worse than going to the gym after work and not having wipes to get rid of all the make up on your face. I cannot bring myself to move a muscle if I feel that my skin can’t breathe. Working out with foundation + your skin not being able to breathe = breakouts. Simple as. The ones I am currently using are the Olay Facial Cleansing Wipes for sensitive skin. Although wipes are not my go to for removing my makeup, they are a quick and easy option for getting it done. I normally opt for wipes specifically for sensitive skin so they are not too harsh or abrasive.

To carry my gym gear, I use my Givenchy Bambi Antigona Tote Bag. I’ve had this bag for years and it’s super durable, practical and stylish. I love the size as I am quite petite, it doesn’t swallow me up when I carry it, however it is still very spacious.

As I live a 10 minute walk from my gym, I tend to shower at home as it’s more convenient. I also started doing this new thing when I’m starting to see results, I’ll reward myself with new gear. I also like to keep my playlist updated and current so I am not listening to the same songs over and over in each gym session, that way, I am more motivated for the next trip.

I hope these tips help you as they are little changes that I have made to improve my routine to be more consistent, with no excuse to skip a session!

Sincerely Stephanie x



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