How cliche right? New year, new me, new blog. Most people decide on getting a hair makeover,Β  signing up to the gym (which I have also done). I know, I know, I’m a big ball of cliche, so sue me! No wait, don’t do that just yet, that would be really expensive and unnecessary.

In the last three months I have been trying to take control of my life, control of my future and where I want it to go. I found myself getting into such a rut, a routine I was not fulfilled with, a 9-5 I was not satisfied with. The major portion of my day was going to work, coming home and doing absolutely nothing. That’s when I pin pointed what the problem was. It wasn’t in actual fact my job that was making me feel unfulfilled, it was my life outside of work. I wasn’t doing anything with it. Living in a big city like London can be so overwhelming and yes, very tiring. It’s a constant race, whether you are late to work, on time to work, going to be half an hour early to work, we are always running. When I say always, I mean ALWAYS! And God forbid a stranger walks in front of us at a “normal human” pace we completely lose it.

Having said all that, London offers amazing opportunities and everything is on my door step, be it fashion, architecture and cultures from all over the globe. In the new year, I plan to start documenting my experiences, spread my love of fashion and beauty and finally, start the blog I have put off for so long. My mind was always making up excuses, ‘who would read your blog’ ‘you don’t have the time’ ‘you won’t commit’. Truth is, whether I get 0 views, 1 view or 100 views, then I have still accomplished something. I have plenty of time and can definitely commit to something I set my heart on. I thought I would keep my first blog short so stay tuned for my first official post.

Sincerely Stephanie

P.S. Happy New Year!


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